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The company Triple Helix Consulting emerged from the university cooperation of Annette Fink and Georg Hämmerle.

Ms. Fink accompanied digital start-ups at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna. Mr. Hämmerle worked for many years as an economic consultant in the United Arab Emirates and is involved in the research area of the Knowledge Economy. Both are graduates of the Bachelor and Master studies of the University of Vienna with specialization in the Master program at the e-business institute.

An essential part of their success results from the fact that they are actively involved in digital research due to their close university connection.

Georg Hämmerle

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triple helix

Under the company name “Triple Helix Consulting”, the concept of the relationship between business, science and society is hidden. Originally conceived as a theoretical concept involving policy interaction rather than society, the key to improving the competitiveness of a knowledge-based society should be found.

Annette Fink

Profilbild von Annette Fink
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Our customers are companies that are aiming for market development in the Caucasian region and are looking for the right partner.

We determine your needs and goals, and conversely, you learn what we can do for you.

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